Beta-release of the CBS framework

CBS-beta on


This page provides access to the beta-release of an initial collection of so-called ‘funcons’ (fundamental programming constructs). Funcons are reusable components of programming language specifications: in the CBS framework, a language is specified by defining a translation from its constructs to funcon terms, reusing (by reference) the definitions of the required funcons.

See Languages-beta for illustrative examples of language specifications in CBS.

Before proceeding, it is recommended to take a look at the funcon definition section of the CBS-beta Browsing guide.


The Funcons-Index page lists the names of all the funcons defined in the PLanCompS library. The list is grouped in the same way as the hierarchy of CBS files in which the funcons are defined. The names are hyperlinked to their definitions; familiarity with the hierarchy is not required for navigating CBS specifications.


The Values page introduces the various kinds of values defined in the library.


The Computations page introduces the various kinds of computations defined in the library.