Beta-release of the CBS framework

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This page provides access to the beta-release of five examples of language specifications in CBS, based on an initial collection of so-called ‘funcons’ (fundamental programming constructs). Funcons are reusable components of programming language specifications: in the CBS framework, a language is specified by defining a translation from its constructs to funcon terms, reusing (by reference) the definitions of the required funcons.

Before proceeding, take a look at the navigation and language definition sections of the Browsing guide.

See Funcons-beta for the beta-release of an initial collection of funcons. Those funcons used in the CBS of a particular language are listed in an index, accessed from the dropdown menu shown when browsing its specification. The reuse page shows how may funcons are directly reused in the different language specifications.

The specification of each funcon has been validated by basic unit tests that exercise all its rules. Moreover, funcons that are reused in two or more of the illustrative language specifications have been exercised in different contexts.

The current level of validation of the illustrative language specifications varies considerably, and the coverage of the test suites has not yet been analysed. The colophon on the start page of each language specification includes the size of the current test suite and an indication of its expected coverage. Further tests are to be made during the beta-release review period; the test suites will subsequently be added to this website.


IMP is a very small imperative language. Its CBS specification illustrates the basic features of the framework. See IMP in CBS for further details.


SIMPLE is a somewhat larger imperative language than IMP. Its CBS illustrates further features of the framework. See SIMPLE in CBS for further details.


MiniJava is a very simple subset of Java. Its CBS illustrates the funcons for classes and objects. See MiniJava in CBS for further details.


The SimpleLanguage, abbreviated “SL”, is a dynamic language. Its CBS illustrates how dynamic bindings can be translated to funcons. See SL in CBS for further details.

OCaml Light

OCaml Light is a core sublanguage of OCaml, corresponding closely to Caml Light (an obsolete pedagogical functional programming language). Its CBS illustrates scaling up to a medium-sized language. See OCaml Light in CBS for further details.